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Mike Letsky
Mike Letsky
Mike Letsky is a highly innovative technology developer. He has over 19 years of developing complex products at low risk. Mike has worked at Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, AGI, and NASA. He has earned his Master’s Degree in Engineering from Penn State in the fields of Systems Engineering concentrating in Robotics and Automated Control Systems. Mike also has an undergrad in Aerospace Engineering from Florida Tech.
Reinerio Milanes
Reinerio Milanes
Computer Engineer
Reinerio is a highly educated computer engineer who loves programming firmware and designing printed circuit boards. Reinerio has his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Devry University.
Vlad Iorgulescu
Vlad Iorgulescu
Lead Industrial Designer
Vlad is a top notch, award winning , industrial designer with a worldly perspective and absolute focus on designing products based on the user experience. Vlad has his Bachleor’s degree in Industrial Design from ION MINCU UNIVERSITY BUCHAREST.


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A Full Service Product Development Company Focused On Your Customer
We develop your products focusing on your customers.

An Innovative product development company offering a service that concentrates on every aspect of product development; including research, programming, design & development we make sure that every client we work with gets a service they can’t do without. Every business needs new releases and new stock to keep their business fresh and interesting – with our help, this is easier than ever. Forging a business model that focuses on what our clients need rather than what we can make the most from, Letksy Innovations is the ideal partner for any firm that wants to create a fresh wave of new products that will be huge hits. With over twenty (21) years experience within the world of product development, we create unique solutions that are fitted around the demographics they are targeted for, and the technical aspects that many other businesses will not go near. With a wide client base and a list of happy individuals that we have helped in the past, we feel our service is one of the most diverse equivalents of its kind on the current market.

  • Industrial Design

    UX Design | Ergonomics | Maintainability

  • Engineering

    Simulation | Cost Optimization

  • Prototyping

    Validation | Pre-Market Sales

  • Manufacturing

    Production | Support | Fufillment