Washbot robotic arm product designed by Letsky Innovations

Product Design Firm in Miami develops Washbot robotic arm

Washbot Phase 2: Optimization The second phase of the project by this product design firm in Miami involved optimizing the design for production. It included: Electrical Development  The entire system was controlled by AC/DC and pneumatic components. Features of the AC system included:    Transformer cable converting AC to DC to supply 14A to 45A,[…]

Washbot robotic arm product designed by Letsky Innovations

Develpopment of the Washbot Robotic Arm by Letsky Innovations a Product Design Firm

Washbot Phase 1: Design Have you ever been in a situation where you want to clean your roof, you don’t own a ladder and you wouldn’t get on one because you are terrified of heights? Do you own a pressure washing business and want to lower your insurance bills?  Well, our client came to our product[…]

Washbot robotic arm product designed by Letsky Innovations


  What is Washbot? Washbot is a remote controlled robotic platform designed to perform remote operations, such as pressure washing, sandblasting, painting, etc. The tip of this robotic arm can be changed thus using different tools for different jobs. It’s default function is to make the roof cleaning process much easier through automation. The tip[…]

[Webinar Replay] Why Knowing Your Profit Matters For Product Development

In our latest webinar we discussed why knowing your profit before hiring a company to make your product is really important! With out knowing the target cost of your product for manufacturing you are setting yourself up for huge profit losses! Get the webinar replay to avoid the mistakes and be informed! Click To Get[…]