Free Webinar On Developing A Product

inventor product design webinarFree Webinar On Developing A Product

If not done properly, developing and introducing a new product to the market can take many years, becomes risky and demanding. Therefore, Letsky Innovations (a product design company) has come up with this brilliant webinar on how to develop a product and introduce it to the market. In this webinar, we will focus on critical aspects.

If you have a brilliant idea but have no way on how to get this to market. There are some crucial steps to shed some light on the matter. However, don’t let this overwhelm you, as long as there is right management, this process can be quicker and cheaper than you think.

Market Research:

This is the most important step and it needs to be done in order to assess if your invention is actually required. In the webinar, there will be our great selection of the best and cost effective market researchers and also market research tools that you can approach and use to help you with your design placement and its demand in the current market.


In this webinar, we will also discuss if your product needs a patent or not. However, if your idea is novel and you want to make some money out of it, it’s important to get a Patent on your invention. This webinar will discuss patents and how to get one.
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Additionally, there will be a section on designing the product. There are different product designers and we will show you our best selection, in order to smoothen your product designing road. It should be noted that, finding the right designer or product design company, that understands your product is important. Moreover, they will be cost effective, reducing the overall cost of the design.

Product Development:

This webinar will also help you determine if you’ll need to develop your product alone or seek outside help. Basically, this is the tooling and manufacturing stage of the product. It is important that you choose the correct product design engineers and manufacturers. Find the one that will be cost effective while still develop your product in the best way possible. You can choose to be your own designer or get one to assist you with the design development.


A prototype is a visual representation of your invention or design. The more useful aspect of a prototype is to see if the actual design works perfectly. In addition, a prototype is an ideal way to gain the interest needed for your product while visiting potential customers and investors, in order to fund your project. From here they will take note of the product and pre-order. This webinar will show you how to develop a prototype as part of its series or if you should hire a product design company to help you with it.

Packaging Development:

Lastly, how you package your product will determine its overall first sale. It is recommended that you seek the services of professional graphic designers to do this.

With that said, this webinar covers all the features and critical points you’ll need for developing your product. It’s a great opportunity that this FREE Product Development Training Guide and 5 top tools List has to offer, do not miss it!

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