Washbot robotic arm product designed by Letsky Innovations


  What is Washbot? Washbot is a remote controlled robotic platform designed to perform remote operations, such as pressure washing, sandblasting, painting, etc. The tip of this robotic arm can be changed thus using different tools for different jobs. It’s default function is to make the roof cleaning process much easier through automation. The tip[…]

SitFit Chair Client

SitFit Chair Client For this project, the SitFit chair client arrived with engineering work from another firm (see image no. 1). He asked us to review it for human factors and manufacturing.  After discussing with the client we made it apparent that the current design was not as consumer friendly, ergonomic or as easy to[…]

Robotic Lawn Mower

The future of lawn mowing is here. This product is the all new SmartMow robotic lawn mower.  A sleek, ergonomic, and safe robotic lawn mower that is power efficient and kid/pet friendly.

Fruit Crate GPS Tracker

Do you know where your food is coming from?  With food arriving in our stores from so many countries it’s hard to ensure a quality product arrives.   We designated a product that not only tracked the location but also the quality of food.  We call this product the Pursuer Gps Tracker and it’s a great product to[…]