SitFit Chair Client

SitFit Chair Client

SitFit Chair Project

For this project, the SitFit chair client arrived with engineering work from another firm (see image no. 1). He asked us to review it for human factors and manufacturing.  After discussing with the client we made it apparent that the current design was not as consumer friendly, ergonomic or as easy to use as the client had envisioned for an exercise chair for beach, pool, and other lounge chair activities.

Letsky Innovations then performed market research, had multiple discussions with the client, and redesigned the SitFit chair as shown in Image (no.2) using Solidworks Software. Engineers additionally performed analysis on the new design to estimate weight loads, stresses, optimize the parts for cost, and increase profitability.  Letsky Innovations also produced marketing materials, investor presentations, patent drawings, manufacturing drawings and files as well as a list of vendors for sourced components.

The new design is much easier to manufacture, much more appealing to a wider customer base, and more profitable for the client than the previous one.  After we received the client’s approval for the new design, we manufactured a prototype as shown in Image (No. 3) and shown in video here.

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