Define / Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering For User Experience Design. Letsky Innovations’ team of Systems Engineers will work with you to define all technical and programmatic aspects of your project.  The consultations will allow the systems engineers to develop a concept document that explains the vision for the product from which engineering requirements are derived. User experience design is one[...]

Product Testing

Product Testing To Ensure Quality. At Letsky Innovations our product testing team is run by our systems engineers ensuring every requirement, specification, and use case that the product was designed for is tested from a user experience perspective.  We fully test products to their intended performance criteria to ensure quality of the product. Don’t have a[...]

Design / User Experience Design

Award Winning User Experience Design Team Letsky Innovations’ award winning user experience design (UX Design) team will design your product to be appealing and marketable. Ergonomics, human interfaces, usability experience, industrial design, and product requirements are realized in the designer’s mind and realized in Solidworks CAD models.  The design is an important and integrated part of this[...]
Draft analysis by Mechanical Engineer

Engineer / Mechanical Engineering

Expert Mechanical Engineering Letsky Innovations’ mechanical engineer works seamlessly with the designer to ensure the product meets performance specifications and is optimized for manufacturing.  The Mechanical engineer’s work includes component selection, prototyping, cost optimization, product refinement for manufacturing using Solidworks and Solidworks Simulation programs.  Without using a Mechanical Engineer with an Industrial Designer your project[...]

Embedded / Computer & Electronics

Electronics Design & Firmware Programming Letsky Innovations team of computer and electronic engineers design schematics, perform electronics design, printed circuit boards (pcb), develop firmware, develop prototypes, and produce production ready printed circuit boards that are optimized for cost.  Some of the tools and devices we use are Eagle CAD, JTAG, FPGA, ARM, SAM, Oscilloscopes, Bread[...]


Electrical & Mechanical Prototyping Letsky Innovations develops functional and pre-production prototypes to support product testing, certification, and sales activities.  Prototype manufacturing ranges from CNC Machined, Thermoformed, Cast Urethane, 3D Printed, and other Composites.  Letsky Innovations works with you to ensure that the prototype meets your needs and budget.

Short Run Manufacturing

Short Run Manufacturing Not ready or mass production yet?  No worries!  Whether you need 1 product at a time, or  1,000 per month, Letsky Innovations will manufacture your product and help you with fulfillment and distribution.  While your products are manufactured at Letsky Innovations the Systems Engineer will sample production quantities and perform quality assurance[...]

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